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Multi-Family Rental Properties

In 2001, MCCAF began developing partnerships with for profit developers to assist with increasing the available housing stock for low income families in Muskogee County.  These partnerships have led to the development of over 286 units of affordable housing new construction.  These homes will be rented to low income families or individuals for a period of at least 20 years. These homes are monitored by the Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency and Section 8 to ensure they are well maintained and continue to meet quality housing standards.


Each property is managed by a professional management company that is certified to process applications for LIHTC and HOME funded properties.  For additional information click on the sub page to learn the contact information and what each multi-family property has to offer.


  • Austin Heights   72 units

  • Summer Ridge 60 units

  • Hilldale Springs 44 units

  • Muskogee Affordable Housing Phase 1  59 units

  • Muskogee Affordable Housing Phase 2  51 units





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