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Single Family Rental Properties

In 2009, MCCAF saw the need for high quality single family rental homes located in safe neighborhoods as part of our Community Needs Assessment results.  Therefore, MCCAF started with two homes located in the Meadows Housing Addition in the Hilldale School District. Since that time, MCCAF has been able to construct or rehabilitate 24 homes in Muskogee, Warner and Fort Gibson.  MCCAF continues to apply for additional housing grants each year. 


MCCAF is mandated for all of these homes to be rented for approximately 15 years to income qualified families.  Therefore, certain rules and regulations are in place to help us maintain our homes in great condition. 


Please refer to the MCCAF application for the specific requirements.  Please note that the rents, utility allowances, rules and requirements are subject to change by HUD or OHFA at any time.  In the event that there is an error on the MCCAF application, we will still follow the local, state and federal rules.


If you have any questions regarding the MCCAF leasing policies, please visit MCCAF  or call at (918) 686-8004. 

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