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Muskogee County Community Action Foundation, Inc. (MCCAF) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) social service agency dedicated to assisting low to moderate income individuals and families, to improve their quality of life and achieve a better standard of living by providing quality affordable housing. 


If you or someone you know is seeking quality affordable housing, please let us know. We can work together to make a better future for everyone.

Bree Long

MCCAF Executive Director

Application Process

To live in a rental house or townhome with MCCAF, Inc., your family must have a low or moderate income. This means you can't make more money than a certain amount. The maximum amount of money your family can make depends on how many people live in your household.

Our rental options include two distinct programs: Single Family Housing and Hilldale Springs Townhomes. 

Application Processor
Single-Family Home

Single-Family Homes | Hilldale  Muskogee | Warner | Ft. Gibson

Hilldale Springs Townhomes

Hilldale Springs Family Townhomes
(Hilldale School District)

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